Ben Buckler

The Ben Buckler Aboriginal engraving site is located inside a golf course overlooking the cliffs at North Bondi and displays many aquatic motifs. These engravings were re-grooved by the local council in the 1960’s and many of the engravings have been lost over the years.

Ben Buckler - an engraving of a figure


This engraving shows two fish and a crescent moon.

Ben Buckler - an engraving of two fish and the moon

Fish And Moon

This is a line of small, child sized mundoes (footprints) that travel along one side of this site.

Ben Buckler - an engraving of a line of mundoes


This engraving depicts a small Orca that is located inside a much larger whale engraving.

Ben Buckler - an engraving of an orca


This carving shows a shark with a smaller fish engraved across the tail area.

Ben Buckler - an engraving of a shark and fish

Shark And Fish

This engraving depicts a very large turtle surrounding a large fish carving.

Ben Buckler - an engraving of a large turtle


2 thoughts on “Ben Buckler

    1. Sydney Rock Art Post author

      Yes, all of the engravings shown on this site exist, but many are rapidly eroding and may eventually be lost forever.


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