Koolewong Trail

This engraving site features two large figures alongside a big emu totem carving. This figure has some type of club across his waist and below his feet is an engraving of a small wallaby.

Koolewong Trail - an engraving of a figure


This false colour image shows a figure wearing a large headdress.

Koolewong Trail - an engraving of a figure


This shape is nearly 2 metres long and probably represents a large shield. This is a false colour image.

Koolewong Trail - an engraving of a large shield


Nearby you can get a wonderful view over Brisbane Water from the top of Koolewong Ridge.

Koolewong Trail - a view from Koolewong Ridge

Koolewong Ridge

2 thoughts on “Koolewong Trail

  1. Steve

    Those circular cup marks we see in the area, what are your thoughts on those ?
    They seem to occur in similar areas and may be part of the evolution of larger holes we see holes of varying sizes near watercourses so its not out of the realm to find these holes in an early stage whatever way they were formed


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