The Howe Aboriginal Area is an interesting engraving site that includes a very large figure and a group of three enormous eels.

This 8 metre engraving of Daramulum dominates the site. The figure has long hair or a head-dress. This is a false color image to help to show the beauty of the design.

Howe - an engraving of a large figure


This engraving could be showing a brass gorget. Local officials and even Governor Macquarie presented these engraved breastplates to selected Aboriginal men and women as a reward for good service. The State Library of New South Wales has some examples.

Howe - an engraving of a brass gorget


Near the large figure are three gigantic eels with the largest measuring around 10 metres long. This image shows two of the eels and they have both been speared. The lower eel also has a figure laying inside it. There is a second human figure not seen in this image nearby the eels. This is also a false color image.

Howe - an engraving of two large eels and a figure

Eels And Figure

This image shows a kangaroo with the moon and is located on the sloping side of a rocky tor in the center of this site.

Howe - an engraving of a kangaroo and moon

Kangaroo And Moon

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