Jerusalem Bay Track

Off the Jerusalem Bay Track near Cowan is a group of very intriguing aboriginal rock engravings. This is a carving of a penguin. This design is about a metre long and is shown here in false colour.

Jerusalem Bay Track - an engraving of a bird


This figure appears to have the outline of a sea lion with human arms including fingers and armbands. This carving is about 5 metres long and dominates the centre of this engraving site.

Jerusalem Bay Track - engraving of a whale figure

Sea Lion Figure

Jerusalem Bay Track - an outline of an engraving of a whale figure

Sea Lion Figure Outline

This is an image of a two and a half metre tall figure that has arms with no hands.

Jerusalem Bay Track - an engraving of a tall figure

Tall Figure

At this site there is also an interesting group of engraved circles that could be describing an eclipse.

11 thoughts on “Jerusalem Bay Track

  1. Peter

    Hi, looks like i good site..interesting half whale – half human engraving (maybe the spiritual totem of the Guringgai in transformation?)….anyway i was wondering if you could give me the exact location of the site so i can visit and document it e.g coordinates or map location, guide, informative steps ??


    1. Sydney Rock Art Post author

      The whale/human engraving is a very interesting and unique therianthropic depiction. We have intentionally chosen not to display actual engraving site locations on this website or in these comments but if you require further information about any of the engraving sites then you can contact us via the ‘Contact Us’ page.

  2. Louisa

    I have been to this site many times and always believed the first one was a penguin and the second a sealion.

    1. AshG

      I’m with you Louisa, I’ve spent some time working with penguins in NZ and observing in the Antarctic. The image immediately struck me as a penguin from its stance, the beak up in the air and the wing flippers straight out. It’s a lovely depiction (?). Similarly, the other image is very seal like. The fatness, similar to a elephant seal and tail flipper a shape is correct for that or a leopard seal. Both known to haul out locally. However the New Zealand Fur Seal does have wonderfully long whiskers maybe as depicted? All supposition of course.

  3. Lilian

    We found this today by chance and could not work out what the figures were! So glad I have found a mention of them with a description and explanation. We were excited to view them.

  4. Gulpi

    yes at this site there is 2 figure, a penguin, sea lion and an eel also many tool sharpening points.
    Please be respectful if you come across any of our sites [-o-] these animals were carved into rock as dedication to spirit.
    the sealion has been vandalised recently, a ceremony is now required to cleanse this damage

    1. Bernard Rooney

      Sorry to hear about the vandalism. I have never seen the carvings but enjoyed visiting there 40 years ago.


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