Myoora Road Trail

Along the Myoora Road Trail is a small engraving site that has a couple of very worn kangaroo carvings and this very intriguing small figure. There is a crescent moon shape shown on the right.

Myoora Road Trail - an engraving of a small figure

Small figure with moon

Myoora Road Trail - an engraving of a kangaroo


2 thoughts on “Myoora Road Trail

  1. Geoff Eagar

    Not a gecko at all.

    Please don’t guess or interpret images, describe them or just say you don’t know what they are.

    It’s OK, in fact vitally important, when dealing with Aboriginal heritage to admit you don’t know something. Only then will elders teach you.


    1. Sydney Rock Art Post author

      Thank you for your comment. We have amended the page to be less descriptive.


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