The Bulgandry aboriginal rock engraving site has been given a car park, a nice footpath and a wooden boardwalk around the main area. This site is very accessible and many people stop and photograph the engravings. The site features a large carving of Bulgandry Man, an ancestral hero figure. There are also some kangaroos, fish and other motifs here.

Bulgandry - Bulgandry Man

Bulgandry Man

This is Bulgandry Man. He has an elaborate head dress and is holding some kind of round object in his right hand. In his left hand is a boomerang. Across his waist is a decorated club. The complete image shows Bulgandry Man and his canoe. The canoe is about 7 meters long and one end of it has been over cut with a kangaroo.

Bulgandry - an engraving of Bulgandry Man With Canoe

Bulgandry Man With Canoe


A kangaroo with an octopus over the tail area and another kangaroo with a small figure near its tail. These small figures with raised arms point toward other nearby engraving sites.

Bulgandry - an engraving of a kangaroo and octopus

Kangaroo And Octopus

Bulgandry - an engraving of a kangaroo and child size figure

Kangaroo And Small Figure


This shape is probably some kind of shark. Part of its tail is missing where the rock has broken and worn away.

Bulgandry - an engraving of a shark


Bulgandry - an engraving of a shape


Here are two fish that can be found inside the main engraving area. One of these fish has been speared.

Basin Track - an engraving of a fish


Bulgandry - an engraving of a fish with a spear

Fish With Spear


Just outside the walkway is this long and thin eel.

Bulgandry - an engraving of an eel


This shark is located in the bush about 40 meters from the main Bulgandry site but not many people find it. This engraving has been noted as a dolphin, but the rounded dorsal fin and broad belly suggest that it may be some kind of mako shark. This shark also exhibits a heterocercal caudal fin, unlike the horizontal flukes of a dolphin. It is about 4.5 meters from nose to tail.

Mako Shark

Mako Shark

Bulgandry - an engraving of a mako shark

Mako Shark – Wide View


This little swamp hen is about 125 meters from the main site and not easy to find. Next to this engraving is a very worn carving of a small wallaby.

Bulgandry - an engraving of a swamp hen

Swamp Hen

Nearby is another engraving site that is associated with the Bulgandry site. A beautiful 7 meter long whale meets you at the head of the track. This is a false colour composite image made up from 926 separate photographs.

Bulgandry - an engraving of a whale


Bulgandry - an engraving of a wallaby


Bulgandry - an engraving of a kangaroo



A bit further into the bush is another section of this site. Cut over the foot of this figure is another of the Woy Woy “rabbits”.

Bulgandry - an engraving of a figure and rabbit

Figure And Rabbit

This amazing engraving is about 5 mt long and is crossed by many pecked dotted lines.


These two figures seem to be showing breasts and penis, some kind of dual gender engravings.

Two figures

This engraving display a very large male kangaroo and a fish. there is also another shape on the forepaw.

Large kangaroo and fish

The line running down the middle of this figure is actually part of a large whale engraving.

Large fish

2 thoughts on “Bulgandry

  1. Scott

    You can also see signs of looting at this site where wallaby footprints have been removed and what appears to be a whole slab removed next to the woman.
    Presume these are in a museum now?

    1. Mitchy M

      No Scott. obviously they’re not in a museum – some tosser has them on the wall in his man cave next to his Division 7 footy trophy from 1974.


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