Lobster Beach

High above Lobster Beach is this small aboriginal rock engraving site that has a beautiful view across the Hawkesbury River.

These are three inscribed circles. The round shape in the middle is where some of the rock has broken away.

Lobster Beach - an engraving of three circles

Three Circles

This may represent the moon or perhaps a boomerang.

Lobster Beach - an engraving of the moon


Two very nicely decorated shields.

Lobster Beach - an engraving of two shields

Two Shields

This is a little fish but it could possibly be a fake. The grooves are cut with a sharp V shaped cross section, probably made using a metal chisel.

Lobster Beach - an engraving of a little fish

Little Fish


At another engraving site nearby are these carvings. There is also an engraving of a large manta ray next to a small figure at this site.



Small Fish

2 thoughts on “Lobster Beach

  1. mark

    thanks for documenting and making this important information available. I agree with your comment re fake fish. There is an interesting figurative engraving sw of these shields that could be included here. Also on north side of Lobster beach is an engraving of 2 fish on a foreshore boulder

    1. Sydney Rock Art Post author

      Thanks for the pointer to the other engravings. We will try to get back out there soon to find and photograph them.


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