Sydney Aboriginal Rock Engravings – This is an excellent resource by Ray Norris. It shows many engraving sites and provides GPS co-ordinates for those who wish to view the engravings for themselves. The original inspiration for our website. (This link is now dead.)


Aboriginal Rock Art Sites – This site provides a large list of rock art sites around the Sydney area. (This link is now dead.)


Aboriginal Heritage Office – This site provides a wealth of information about Aboriginal history and art sites.


Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park – a beautiful place to visit to meet native wildlife and view a collection of Aboriginal rock art.


Kariong Hieroglyphs – This site discusses in detail the infamous fake Egyptian styled glyphs near Kariong.


parosoft – A small site that contains interesting rock art and paintings found around the Central Coast area. (This link is now dead.)


Hiking The World – A very good list of hikes and bush walks with informative descriptions.