The Bluff Track

In a secluded spot off the Bluff track is this very large engraving of a whale shark, a small figure and two crescent shapes. The beast is about 11 meters from head to tail. This entire panel is about 13 meters by 7 meters. This is a false colour composite picture made up from 1909 separate images. This design can also be seen as you travel along the Warringah Freeway and pass under the Willoughby Road overpass as public art that has been incorporated into the walls of the freeway.

The Bluff Track - an engraving of a whale shark

Whale Shark
False Colour – 1909 frames

The Bluff Track - an outline of an engraving of a whale shark

Whale Shark Outline

The Bluff Track - Warringah Freeway

Warringah Freeway

This a view over Bantry Bay from the Bluff.

The Bluff Track - the view over Bantry Bay

Bantry Bay

2 thoughts on “The Bluff Track

  1. Carolyn

    I think it is a basking shark, not a whale shark.
    Still can’t decide if they are canoes, moons or boomerangs. Or a combination of two of these.


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