North West Ridge

The North West Ridge Aboriginal Area features this beautiful engraving of a orca with interior detail. This orca is 4 metres from nose to tail. This is a false colour image.

North West Ridge - an engraving of an orca


North West Ridge - an outline of an engraving of an orca

Orca Outline

Unfortunately, some of the designs at this site have been very damaged. Half of this whale has been erased by the action of motorcycle and bicycle tyres.

North West Ridge - an engraving of half a whale

Half Whale

North West Ridge - an engraving of a dolphin


This image shows a 4 metre long stingray. There is also a smaller 3 metre ray next to this one but unfortunately it has been too damaged and eroded to photograph.

North West Ridge - an engraving of a stingray


3 thoughts on “North West Ridge

    1. Sydney Rock Art Post author

      There is considerable damage being done by inconsiderate mountain bike riders riding across this site despite a NPWS sign that advises of the engravings.

  1. Matt Niven

    Greetings, enjoying your content and thankyou for trying to make people aware of these magnificent artworks. I recently discovered some charcoal art in my area and couldn’t even get any interest in recording it from NPWS, oh well


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